Refillable Skin Care Products That Are Good for Your Skin and the Environment

Whether you’re a Korean skin care routine devotee or a tried-and-true minimalist, we can all agree on one thing. Less is more. At least when it comes to packaging. Because even if your regimen involves only a few steps, that’s several packages that have to be either tossed or recycled at some point, preferably the latter. (But only a small fraction of plastics actually get recycled.) The solution? Why refillable skin care products, of course.

Refillable containers are nothing new in the beauty sphere. There are already lots of options for makeup. Now thanks to brands like Pharrell Williams’ new Humanrace line and Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, the reduce and reuse trend is gaining steam on the skin care side of the industry.

Let’s be clear, though. Refillable skin care products can make an impact by cutting carbon dioxide emissions along with energy and water use. But since most of the refills come in pouch or pod form, we’re still purchasing new containers every time we need a refresh. On the flip side, brands like Le Labo and Bathing Culture allow you to take bottles back to the store to fill them back up, sometimes at a discounted price.

In fact price is another benefit of using refillable products. The pouches or pods cost less than your initial purchase so you’re not just saving the environment.

Ready to go (a bit more) green? Here are our favorite refillable skin care products.