The Top 10 Body Oils for Hydrated, Happy Skin All Over

Winter is synonymous with dry skin. Most of us reach for the lotion when our skin gets flaky, cracked or scaly. But there is another option: body oil. So we decided to round up the best winter body oils.

Body oils have lotions beat because they absorb in a flash. If you’ve ever been in a rush and had to lotion up then slip on your clothes, you know what we’re talking about. Plus, they deliver a more exceptional olfactory experience. There are formulas that leave behind lighter aromas that really linger. Or, if you’re looking to skip perfume, there are ones that deliver stronger fragrance profiles.

Another benefit? That coveted glow. Body oils up the radiance factor and some even slough away dead skin cells to really get you shining. And if you’re missing going to the spa, using one of these formulas will give you that luxe feeling at home.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the best winter body oils.