The Best Cuticle Oils Hands Down

We’re all washing our hands a lot more. Obviously. And winter will be here before you know it. Unfortunately, all of that can add up to extremely dry cuticles. Sure, you could simply turn to hand creams. But there’s a far better option. We’re talking about cuticle oils, of course.

So why should you invest in cuticle oils? Well, because they’re designed to deliver much-needed hydration to the area. Plus, they help protect your cuticles in the long run. Since oils penetrate deeper than creams, a cuticle oil is a necessary addition to your nail care regimen. It also promotes nail growth. Which makes it a must for anyone with brittle nails.

Nowadays, cuticle oils come in many different forms. You have your old-school dropper and brush-on options. (Which can admittedly be a little messy to apply.) For more precision, you should opt for rollerballs or even handy pens. Or you can reach for Nails inc’s revolutionary capsules.

Ready for smoother, softer and healthier cuticles? We thought so. Go ahead and check out our list below to find the best cuticle oil for you. Make sure it has a permanent spot in your nail care routine from here on out.