7 Masks to Get Your Scalp (and Hair) in Tip-Top Shape

We all obviously long for commercial-worthy hair. You know the type: shiny, flowing and not a split end in sight. But the secret to healthy hair actually lies in your scalp. If your scalp is moisturized, soothed and flake-free, it helps your hair grow strong and look lustrous. That best way to achieve a sublime scalp? Why scalp masks, of course.

The best scalp masks not only improve your scalp, they make a big difference in your locks. Look for ones that use gentle exfoliators to get rid of product buildup, excess oils and dead skin cells. It’s also important that your pick offers cooling or soothing elements to prevent and treat irritation.

In terms of frequency, it varies. There are versions you only need to use once a week. Others can be used every single day. It all depends on the formula. A few even serve as pre-shampoo treatments.

See the slideshow above for a roundup of the best scalp masks that will help you get the hair of your dreams.