Celebrate National Rosé Day by Buying These Rosé-Inspired Beauty Products

While wine is always in season, if summer has an official drink, it’s probably rosé. It makes sense since the beverage boasts fruity flavors, including strawberry, melon and citrus zest. And, of course, roses.

Most of us associate it with a pinkish hue, but there are actually varying shades (and flavors) of the adult beverage. Deeper-colored versions feature cherry and orange, while a paler take relies on lemon, honeydew melon and celery. But they all taste great, especially on a hot summer night.

Since tomorrow is National Rosé Day, it’s the perfect time to raise a glass. It’s also the perfect time to try rosé-inspired beauty products. Some that fit into this category have actual connections to the fruity wine. Others just embody the drink by paying homage to its range of signature shades. From deodorant to a conditioning treatment for your stressed strands to cooling face masks, there are actually a surprising number of options to mark the occasion. But trust us, you’ll want to keep using them all season long.

Check out the slideshow above for a breakdown of the best rosé-inspired beauty products to treat your skin to this summer.