Our Top 10 Favorite Met Gala Beauty Looks EVER

While the gowns, jumpsuits, tuxes, what have you are usually the focal point of every Met Gala look, the beauty is what really pulls it all together. When it comes to Met Gala beauty, literally anything goes. (Which is fine by us.) With themes ranging from punk meets haute couture to camp, over the years the gala’s motto has morphed into “Go big or go home.”

On the makeup front, the eyes have it. Whether you’re looking for a little negative space liner, bold lashes or some bling, there’s something for everyone. A red lip will never go out of style, but gala attendees have loved switching things up, proudly sporting pouts in every other hue, from gothic black to bright coral.

The hairstyles are also pretty extreme. We’re talking super long braids, silver finger waves, voluminous manes and even “hair” bows. Leave it to Lady Gaga to rock OTT locks and makeup while stripping on the red carpet.

We’re sad that this year’s gala has been delayed, but happy that we have all these Met Gala beauty looks to reminisce about while we wait for it to be rescheduled. Look through the slideshow above to see which hair and makeup looks have stood the test of time.