9 Comfort Creams to Calm Your Stressed Out Skin

Let’s face it: we’re all pretty stressed right now. Between all the adjustments to our personal and work lives and watching all the latest figures on the news, no one can blame us for worrying. And all that stress can have a very real impact on our skin. But at least we have a great selection of comfort creams to help calm our sensitive skin down.

These creams are called comfortable because they contain soothing ingredients that settle down irritated complexions. Basically, they’re souped-up moisturizers that help increase your hydration levels while protecting your skin. Win-win.

If you’re suffering from eczema or rosacea, comfort creams are a real blessing. Especially since they boast ingredients like ceramides and centella asiatica to help keep your complexion properly balanced. And these creams are so good, you’ll want to keep them in your skin care routine from here on out.

See the slideshow above for the best comfort creams that’ll make you and your skin feel better.