12 Perfect Pedicure Nail Polish Shades to Flaunt Inside and Outside

We’ve already pointed out why now’s the prime time to show your feet a little TLC. Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that dry, flaky skin, it’s time to take things up a notch. There’s nothing like an at-home pedicure to brighten our mood. Especially when it includes one of these dazzling pedicure nail polish shades.

Why can’t you just use your go-to manicure shade? Because your pedi shade should complement your sandals. (Mismatching your mani and pedi is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.) Thankfully, there are lots of other outstanding colors to choose from. From a statement-making deep blue shade to a pastel purple and a fresh limoncello hue, you may want to consider switching things up every single day.

Here are the season’s best pedicure nail polish shades.