The Best At-Home Treatments to Try Now That You Have Time on Your Hands

What it means to be a dutiful citizen has undergone quite the makeover these last few weeks. We don’t need to tell you how imperative it is to stay at home given the ongoing pandemic, but we are here to help you make lemonade. You may not be able to make your scheduled Botox appointment or root touch-up, but staying at home frees up plenty of time to try all those at-home treatments you would never otherwise find time for.

You may want to try your hand at a gel manicure. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a little spring cleaning when it comes to your makeup brushes.  Now’s definitely the time to give dry brushing a go so you can get rid of all that leftover scaly winter skin. Been indulging in so much red wine that your teeth are stained? There’s a wipe for that. And if you’ve always wanted to try self-tanner, there’s a new CBD-infused tanning mousse you’ll want to test out.

Check out the slideshow above for the best at-home treatments that will have a big impact on your appearance and your sanity.