The Best Moisturizing Hand Soaps to Keep Your Hands Clean AND Soft

We all know we should be washing our hands several times a day. And that we should be doing so even when there isn’t a pandemic. But all that handwashing can be brutal on your skin. That’s where moisturizing hand soaps come in handy.

What do the best moisturizing hand soaps have in common?

While soap is designed to kill germs, it’s not always gentle on our hands. So it’s important to look for a hand soap boasting hydrating ingredients, like aloe, vitamin E and essential oils. For best results, we highly recommend using a moisturizing lotion or hand cream after every handwashing session.

Are there any antibacterial options?

While most of the best moisturizing hand soaps don’t bill themselves as “antibacterial,” they’ll still get your hands clean and kill all those nasty germs. If you still feel like you need an antibacterial option, simply swap in the moisturizing kinds into your routine a couple of times a day to give the sensitive skin on your hands a respite from harsh cleansers.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the best moisturizing hand soaps that are still in stock (albeit at some surprising locations).