Dermatologists Reveal Which Luxury Skin Care Products Are Actually Worth the Money

If you’re going to spend the equivalent of rent on a single luxury skin care product, it better be skin- and even life-changing. We’ve all heard the buzz around brands like La Mer and La Prairie, but few of us have been able to justify plunking down hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars on products when there are more budget-friendly alternatives from Glossier, Mario Badescu and more. So how do you know what’s worth splurging on? Simple, we turned to some top dermatologists to find out which skin care staples we should be spending (most of) our money on.

Which types of products are worth spending big bucks on?

If you only have enough savings to invest in one skin care product, serums are your best bet. They usually pack a punch thanks to their higher concentration of potent ingredients, which allows them to penetrate your skin better. But don’t be afraid to indulge in a pricey mask. Since you don’t use them on the daily, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

What makes these luxury skin care products so special?

In one word: science. A lot of these formulas not only feature high-quality ingredients, they offer innovative methods to deliver those powerhouse ingredients. And they tend to have tons of research to back up their claims.

Ready to drop a few dollars? Check out the slideshow above to see which luxury skin care products are worth the price.