Here’s Why You Need to Add Amino Acids to Your Skin Care Regimen

Now that you’re hip to the benefits of ferulic acid, ceramides and electrolytes, we thought we’d clue you in on one of the It ingredients of 2020. You’ve probably heard of amino acids already, especially if you’re a nutrition nut. But the essential building blocks of our bodies are just as good for us on the outside as inside.

Amino acids help build proteins, but when it comes to our skin, they’re real multitaskers. They hydrate complexions, promote cell repair and even offer antioxidant protection. Plus, they can help reduce inflammation and control the impact environmental stress has on our skin. Moreover, amino acids work well with others, most notably ceramides (see above) and peptides, making them a vital part of the skin care spectrum.

Here are the best amino acid products to splurge on to rescue your winter-ravaged skin.