Give Your Skin Care Routine a Boost With These Ferulic Acid-Enhanced Products

Your skin care routine probably already includes products containing hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids. But there’s one acid your regimen is most likely missing: ferulic acid. You can find the powerful antioxidant hidden inside the cell walls of plants to protect and preserve those structures. And it can basically do the same thing for our skin.

It protects our complexions from all those free radicals out there and can even improve the signs of aging (we’re talking fine lines and wrinkles). To get the most out of your ferulic acid, look for products that pair it with vitamins C and E because it helps those vitamins work better. Known as a great stabilizer, it actually makes the other products in your routine work harder and last longer. (But if your skin is super sensitive, ferulic acid may not be for you.)

Now that you know the deal, check out the slideshow above for the best ferulic acid products.