Serum Pads Are the Easy Way to Hydrate Your Skin Anytime, Anywhere

If you simply don’t have time for a 10-step skin care regimen or you’re constantly traveling, you need to invest in serum pads for all your hydration needs. Serum-infused pads or serum-activating pads make applying serum everywhere and anywhere super simple. You can use a serum pad while sitting at your desk, out holiday shopping or while waiting for your Uber.

Choosing a serum pad is easy — just pick the pad that best suits your skin type and addresses your needs. Vitamin C-infused serum pads are pretty popular since they offer constant nourishment and help even out your skin tone. There are even pads that boost collagen production for your on-the-go anti-aging needs.

Scroll through the slideshow above to discover the best serum pads. We recommend buying them in bulk.