Pump Up the Volume With These Blowdrying Hacks for Fine Hair

Those of us with fine hair already know that our strands require extra attention. Especially when we’re desperately trying to add volume. The struggle is all too real. But simply blowdrying your hair and using the right dry shampoo aren’t enough.

We all know the basics. Like backcombing your hair for added lift. Or shampooing less often. You can even reach for your trusty texturizing or volumizing mist to add some much-needed dimension. There are some very basic hacks you need to know before drying your mane, however.

Excess oil and grease are more common in fine hair folk. So you definitely need to get that under control. If you struggle with frizz or breakage, you need the right tools to help your dryer get the job done and done right. (You’d be surprised what switching up your hairbrush can do.) Certain rollers are also your friends. Plus, you need to make sure you don’t ignore your roots. They’re pretty much the secret to blowdrying success for fine-haired ladies.

Ready to try these tips and tricks to turn your volume up to 11? Then keep reading to discover some truly easy hacks that’ll transform your flat, fine locks into voluminous strands.