Huda Beauty’s New Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette Will Brighten Up Your Fall

We’re about to enter a pretty trying time of year. That’s because Mercury retrograde is upon us. From October 31 to November 20, you can blame (almost) all your problems on the sun’s closest neighbor appearing to travel backward, basically throwing everything into chaos. So if your boss reprimands you, it’s the retrograde. Your significant other splits? Retrograde. Bad hair day? Retrograde.

But something good is finally coming out of a Mercury retrograde: Huda Beauty’s Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette. Huda Kattan‘s latest offering includes 18 galactic shades. You’ll be seeing stars with the metallic finishes and glass-like glitter powder, while the matte shades balance their more cosmically inclined counterparts. And the stellar palette features easy-to-use color combos to make any eye look extra.

The must-have palette drops October 24, just in time to help you cope with the real Mercury retrograde. Head over to Huda Beauty to sign up to get the palette for $67.