9 of the Most Versatile New Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall

While neon and glitter eyeshadow shades are always in for Halloween, this month deep neutrals and warm shades are on everyone’s list. Fall eye makeup is all about setting the mood — you can go really bold or limit yourself to more subdued pops of color.

But when it comes to layering or blending two shades together, you need to opt for truly versatile eyeshadow palettes that let you have it all. Metallic and creamy glitter shadows are always good to have around for any spooky celebration or date night, but you also need a palette that’ll provide neutrals to enhance your skin tone and give you the perfect no-makeup makeup look.

Instead of spending endless hours searching online for new palettes that fit the bill, we went ahead and did all the work for you. You can thank us later, right now you have some shopping to do.