This Fixing Spray Hack Will Change Your Whole Makeup Routine

We all want to know the secret to influencer-worthy skin. Thanks to Instagram darling Camila Coelho, we think we just cracked the code. And it all comes down to making a simple tweak to your makeup routine.

Much like the rest of us, Camila swears by fixing sprays to make her makeup last. But her simple hack makes all the difference.

“I find that using a fixing spray at the end of my makeup routine really does help out and my makeup stays on all day — but my trick is spraying it on before applying any makeup. Then I drench my face after my makeup is done, too. It sounds crazy but it really works. That really holds your makeup all day long and I don’t need to touch it up no matter how humid it is,” Camila shared with Refinery29.

Consider our minds blown. Now that we’ve shared her secret, here are the best fixing sprays to spray on before starting your makeup routine.