Skin Fasting Is Basically a Vacation for Your Skin

After traveling to a tropical island or heading to Paris, you probably came back feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Well, your skin needs a vacation, too. Enter skin fasting. It’s basically a holiday for your skin where it’s not hidden under layers of vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid-based creams.

The skin fasting trend was popularized by Japanese beauty brand Mirai Clinical. It’s based on the belief that our skin has regenerative properties and can actually take care of itself. That’s not to say that your peel-off masks and morning toning ritual have been in vain. It’s just that your skin needs a bit of a break from your 10-step skin care routine and by holding off on all those K-beauty staples, said products will work better once you put them back in the lineup.

Skin fasting also encourages your complexion to produce its own natural oils, which are often stripped when you over-cleanse or get a little exfoliation happy. Wondering if your skin still needs to detox if you’re committed to a clean beauty routine? You bet it does. The idea is to let your skin renew itself sans any products, natural ones included.

Ready to give it a try? See below for some easy tips.