16 Hairstyles That’ll Make You Love Your Baby Hairs

When we’re not fighting frizz, we’re trying to tame our baby hairs into submission. If it’s a particularly bad hair day, we’re attempting to do both. Baby hairs are those pesky little hairs around our hairlines hell-bent on doing their own thing. You can try using copious amounts of gel and a toothbrush to get baby hairs to behave without much success. Rather than constantly fighting them, we suggest embracing them.

After all, baby hairs aren’t all bad. They give the appearance of a thicker hairline and provide a youthful finish. Kim Kardashian famously used a laser to remove her baby hairs, later revealing she regretted it. And baby hairs are more versatile than we realize. “You can change the style based on the overall look you’re going for,” says IGK co-founder Aaron Grenia. “You can make them a soft addition to your look or you can make a statement with a defined or glossy curl.”

How to Show Off Baby Hairs

Grenia notes that people are really starting to embrace their baby hairs by making them part of their hairstyle via S-pattern curls or slicking them down on their forehead. Want to show your baby hairs off? Brittany Johnson, hair expert for Mayvenn Hair Extensions, suggests updos like high ponytails and top knots to play up your baby hairs. Braided hairstyles and strong middle parts are also great options.

When it comes to styling the teeny hairs, Johnson says sometimes less is more. Overusing hair products can create buildup so take it easy. And experiment with tools and hair products until you find the best ones for you. Johnson says some people are comb devotees, others use a toothbrush and some find finger styling works best. In terms of products, water is just as good as “proper” hair products. Johnson suggests a mixture of water and hair product for flexibility and to set hairs in place.

For best results, follow your natural hairline creating swoops and swirls in a pattern that mimics how hair naturally grows. “Cowlicks can be your friend,” Johnson explains. “There’s no ‘wrong’ way [to style baby hairs]. The amount of baby hairs you accentuate is totally based on personal preference and your desired look.”

How to Hide Baby Hairs

Looking to camouflage your baby hairs? Grenia says the best way to hide baby hairs is to wear your hair down because the shorter hairs will blend better with the rest of your hairstyle. Wavy or slightly undone hair will conceal baby hairs even more. In contrast, a sleek style can draw more attention to any tiny hairs that won’t lie flat. Johnson adds that wigs, styles with bangs (real or faux) and clever low-, side- or middle-parted buns or ponytails can hide uncooperative baby hairs.

Whether you want to show off those adorable baby hairs or make them less of a focal point, these 16 hairstyles will make your life easier.