17 Pretty (Unexpected) Ways to Wear Purple Eyeshadow

Just like with fashion, certain colors trend each season in the beauty world. The hue du jour? Purple. Thank goodness there are lots of options out there when it comes to rocking purple eyeshadow.

We’ve already seen many examples of pretty purple eyeshadow. There isn’t a runway season that goes by without at least a couple of purple eyeshadow looks. That’s because the color is versatile and oh so flattering.

“Purple is one of those great colors that is wonderful on any spectrum of the color palette,” says celebrity makeup artist Nina Soriano. “Lavender is wonderful because it is light and complements many different skin tones. For a little more drama, dark purple is always a fantastic alternative to black.”

She says purple is pretty dramatic regardless of the shade and goes well with neutral and peach shades. Nina recommends a light lip stain or lip oil to balance the pop of purple. Fortunately, there are plenty of palettes that feature only purple. But since the color plays well with others, you can go ahead and buy palettes boasting additional shades.

Scroll down to see the dreamiest ways to wear purple eyeshadow. Whether you’re feeling understated or a little extra.