14 Fresh Scents That Are Basically Summer in a Bottle

By now we all know we should switch up our skin care strategy once the weather warms up. But you should also hit the refresh button on your go-to scent. Florals and fruity fragrances are the perfect summer companions because they embody everything the season stands for. And since most of us don’t have off to enjoy the high temps and cool breezes, these fresh perfumes are a great way to bring a little summer with you everywhere you go.

While citrus and potent bouquets fit the profile of a standard summer scent, this season we’re favoring unexpected accents, like rhubarb, almond milk and pink pepper. Hey, we like our aromas complex, just like our personalities. As a bonus, all of these top summer scents come in bottles that are just as enchanting.

Keep reading to discover your new signature (summer) scent.