Beauty Trend: The Eyebrow

We wax, thread, pluck, fill them in with powder or pencil, and brush them into perfection, but the eyebrows have never been so prominent in a make-up look as they were in the Fall 2010 runway shows. From overgrown Brooke Shields-thick to Kate Moss-coiffed, brows are always on our minds when it comes to beauty. A perfectly applied make-up look an be ruined by an untamed brow, while an arch that’s overdone will look costumey on a natural, summer look. The brows usually stand in the background and let the make-up speak for itself, but designers are bringing them forward. From feather details, washed out color, and even unibrows, the beauty trend for fall is a strong brow.

A snowflake unibrow and speckled eyelash shows off John Galliano’s couture creations.

Balenciaga paints brows a neon aqua to highlight a nude face and a pastel-colored collection.

A blonde brow, freckled face, and red lip look chic at Givenchy.

A feathered brow in black and matte with pastel make-up is runway-appropriate at Erin Wasson.

A brushed up brow filled in with a little color gives a modern twist to a 50’s look at Christian Siriano.

Tamed, messy, painted, or left completely bare, the brow is taking the lead next season – so get your tools ready and notify your waxer of the trends.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.