12 Best Heat Protectant Products for Blowdry Season

It’s that time of year when our blowdryers get a real workout. No one wants to head out into the cold with wet hair (even for fashion’s sake), which makes picking the best heat protectant products a top priority.

Whether you prefer no-mess sprays or easy-to-apply lotions, there’s a heat-protecting formula for you. Most heat protectors don’t just prevent heat damage from overuse of hot tools (like hair dryers, curling irons and flatirons). The best heat protectant products include renewing hair oils like argan oil and mane-boosting vitamins. These must-haves also feature protection from harmful UV rays and color fading.

So go ahead: dry, curl or straighten your strands to your heart’s content with these heat protectants in your hair care arsenal.

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