The first days of spring have finally arrived. It’s bright, sunny, and even the air temperature is a little warmer without that cold whipping wind around your ears. WIth the season changing, it’s a great time to change your look and get into a spring mood.


Although right now itís probably still a little chilly to think about busting out the latest fashion trends such as underwear as outerwear, the best way to get in a spring mood is to buy some new beauty treats. Chanel recently launched their much-hyped temporary Trompe L’Oeil tattoos in London.

While I very was tempted at the counter in Selfridges by the swallows, cherry blossoms, and signature Chanel chain link tattoos available in the £49.00 pack, I can’t yet bring myself to bare my body enough to show off the temporary skin art.  However, I can imagine how cool the chain links around the legs with a dangly crossed ëcí charm would look with pair of ten or less denier hold-ups. 

Worn with sheer stockings, the tattoos would show through. Placed as in the photograph shown here, at the mid-thigh it would look like the tattoos were holding up part of the stockings.


Chanel has also come up with the best nail shade of the season. The beigey- grey shade Particuliere has been a sell-out here in the U.K., and the color is the perfect complement to fashion’s New Minimalism mood.  At Paul and Joe beauty counters you can find a similar shade, called Number 7.  It is half the price of Chanel and lasts double the time. It also boasts pretty packaging that will look good on any dressing table.


If you are a fan of the false lashes and are looking for something a bit different, then head to Fashion face fantasy comes in the form of paper-cut eyelashes inspired by traditional Chinese paper cutting by Paperself. The Peach Blossom design is in keeping with the first signs of spring.  So go on, treat yourself.


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