5 Genius Skin Care Tips We Learned on Reddit

For the skin-care obsessed, Reddit’s SkincareAddiction subreddit is both a revered and welcoming place. Not all of your friends may understand your penchant for the latest palettes and limited editions or your dedication to sunscreen application, but Reddit’s skin-care and beauty-obsessed users do.

Certain subreddits have become treasure troves of insights and reviews about our favorite beauty products. You won’t find sponsored posts touted by influencers or an allegiance to a particular line of products for the most part; this is skin care by the people, for the people, cutting through the marketing claims and branding to find out what really works on a trial basis. While opinions should still be taken with a grain of salt (everyone’s skin is different, after all), some tips and tricks may be worth considering — especially when they come with before and after pictures. Check out some of these skin care wisdom nuggets we dug up in subreddits SkincareAddiction and Asian Beauty.

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