8 Ultra Moisturizing Balms to Save Your Lips This Winter

Before you know it, we’ll no longer be able to say “winter is coming.” Because it will actually be here in all its glory. Sad but totally true. Soon we will all be battling dry skin on our faces and hands as well as chapped lips. (The struggle is real.) The cold winds can be very harsh and drying on our skin. The telltale sign winter is ravaging your skin begins with your mouth. Obviously, we’re not looking forward to those seasonal side effects. Which is why we’re stocking up on moisturizing lip balms.

Whether you are a self-professed liquid lipstick lover or more of a lip tint kind of girl, chapped lips ruin any look. There are definitely products that can treat your cracked pucker. In the end, it’s better to stop dryness before it even starts.

Lip care becomes even more crucial during the all too harsh winter months. Thankfully, we’ve got your back. Was there really any doubt? We’re supplying our top recommendations for the most nourishing and moisturizing lip balms. And now’s the prime time to amp up your seasonal skin care arsenal before winter really hits.

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