How to Keep Your Makeup Sponges Clean and Germ-Free

Sponges are definitely one of the most useful makeup tools in our arsenal. They are so essential for creating that flawless, airbrush finish all of us covet. We honestly can’t imagine what people did before the invention of the Beautyblender. But just like with makeup brushes, cleaning makeup sponges can get pretty tedious.

Believe us, we know firsthand what a pain it can be. Especially if you use separate ones for all of your products. Unfortunately, you can’t skip this task. Unless you like your makeup with a side of bacteria. Yikes. Obviously, buying new ones every single time said sponges get downright dirty isn’t an option, either.

But that’s where we come in. We compiled some truly useful tips and tricks for cleaning your sponges. That way you won’t ever be forced to use those nasty, dirty ones ever again. Or have to shell out funds every time your current go-to gets too filthy to use. So you can keep more of your precious money right where it belongs — safely stashed in your wallet.

Keep reading to learn the right ways to clean up your act.

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