10 Impressive Detangling Products for Curly and Coily Hair

If you have natural hair, you know the agony of wash days. Detangling your hair can be a serious chore. It feels like it takes forever and requires incredible care lest you risk breakage. You need to remove all tangles that have formed since the last time you combed through it, but also don’t want to snag your hair. It can be a laborious process, which is why people rocking their naturally curly and coily hair often dread it. But as much as you’d rather avoid having to detangle your hair altogether, it has to get done.

Thankfully, there are products that can make the process less strenuous and frustrating. These miracle workers do the bulk of the work for you by loosening up your curls and coils so it’s easier to rake through with a comb, brush or your fingers. Ahead, the best detanglers for curly hair.

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