Peach Setting Powders That Will Give You a Natural-Looking Glow

Nothing is more frustrating than spending your precious time sculpting your face to perfection with contour, blending out your foundation seamlessly and nailing a sharp cat eye only for it to melt off your face within an hour or two. And what an annoying experience that is. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this makeup nightmare. Case in point: setting powders.

As the name suggests, they lock in base products, effectively extending the wear time of your makeup. Some can even minimize pores or blur fine lines as if you’ve applied a photo filter in real life. That said, not all of them work the same or equally as well on all complexions. Oftentimes, translucent powders can make those with deeper skin tones look washed out or gray. One setting powder, however, that applies beautifully across the spectrum of skin tones is peach powder. It not only brightens your overall face but is known to give skin a warm, subtle glow when applied while minimizing the chances of your makeup creasing or sliding off too soon.

No matter your skin color, if you want long-lasting makeup that stays intact from morning to night, looks radiant throughout the day and won’t give you any flashback in photos, using peach setting powders to finish your look is your best bet. Ahead, we’ve compiled our favorite ones worth spending your hard-earned money on.

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