Eucalyptus Beauty Products to Help You Relax This Summer

Despite all the time (safely) enjoying the sun, sand and surf, summer can be just as stressful as winter. Especially with the ongoing health crisis. But there’s something you can do to relax this summer: hang some eucalyptus in your shower.

The trick involves hanging fresh branches on your showerhead arms away from the water to take advantage of the soothing aroma. But that’s not the only way you can tap into the benefits of eucalyptus. The potent plant can also be found in numerous beauty products, from toners to masks and even acne treatments. In addition to its ability to help us de-stress, it’s also antibacterial and antiseptic plus it invigorates as it soothes. Pretty cool, right?

Here are the best eucalyptus-based beauty products that’ll save your skin, along with your sanity, this summer.