Men’s Fragrances That Smell Absolutely Amazing on Women

There’s a reason unisex fragrances are all over these days. It’s because men’s fragrances smell amazing. Even on women. There’s also a greater sense of openness when it comes to female/male stereotypes. In this age of Instagram, there seems to be a growing desire to set oneself apart.

While the best-sellers are still tried-and-true classics like Chanel N°5, gender neutral and men’s scents are clearly gaining strength. Women opting to wear men’s fragrances is also a welcome rebellion against the banal, fruity and overtly sweet options designed for women. Most of the options in the men’s category are stronger (so you’ll save money as they require less spritzing), spicier and woodier. Which usually translates into sexier scents with more personality.

Here’s a look at the best men’s fragrances that are just as amazing for women as they are for men.