19 Runway-Approved Ways to Wear Colored Mascara This Season

Images: Imaxtree

Isn’t it time you get out of your black rut? No, we’re not talking about clothes, we’re talking about mascara. (Although, we do encourage you to add some color to that all-black wardrobe with lavender and hot pink this season.) You’ve been on a quest to find the blackest black mascaras for so long that you forgot a whole rainbow of mascara colors exist — and they’re better than ever.

The beauty looks at fashion month served as a great reminder that there are a number of gorgeous colored mascaras available. What’s more, they provided ample inspiration on how to wear the trend. Makeup artists backstage at the shows demonstrated how a few coats of colored mascara can have as much impact as an eight-color smoky eye decked out with crystals. The colorful mascara looks also proved that it’s as much about placement as it is color.

Breaking up with black may be hard, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent split. Just give your go-to mascara a break now and again by trying on a bright shade. Who knows, once you see how a colorful mascara makes peepers pop, you may find yourself embracing colored lashes more and leaving black mascara behind.

Get started by taking a look at 19 runway-approved ways to wear colored mascara.

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