19 Ways to Master the Wet Hair Look IRL

Images: Imaxtree

We’ve picked up a lot of good beauty tips from the runways recently. From fresh ways to wear blush to flipping the script with edgy underliner, our repertoire has expanded exponentially. But there’s one hair trend that seems a bit impractical IRL: slicked-back hair.

Also referred to as the wet hair look, soaking locks in gel or mousse has become commonplace at fashion shows. Surprisingly, the tactic produces a wide variety of results. For those blessed with curls, the technique adds extra bounce to spirals. It works wonders on the roots of a classic low pony by providing a slick foundation and even helps define shorter hairstyles. And whether you part your hair down the middle or off to one side, wetting down your locks will give an instant uplift.

With searches on Pinterest for slicked-back hair ticking upward, you can bet we’ll be seeing the wet hair look off the runways this year. The key to making the trend translate is picking the right products. We like Redken’s Full Frame 07, which actually looks wet even after it dries. Wella Professionals’ EIMI Sculpt Force is another strong option since all you have to do is apply it to wet hair and let your strands air-dry. (For extra shine, finish with Wella Professionals’ EIMI Glam Mist Shine Mist.)

Now that we’ve got our arsenal lined up, here are 19 slicked-back hair looks from the runways for inspo. Whether you’re looking to go subtle or supersaturated, you’ll find a style that suits.

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