Here’s Every Product Your Thirtysomething Skin Needs

Let’s face it: skin care is complicated. It seems like every day another breakthrough is made in the world of dermatology and a dozen new products flood the market that we never knew we needed. And then there’s all the conflicting information out there. One moment coconut oil is everything and then all of a sudden we’re being advised to take it easy on the coconut oil.

Figuring out the ideal beauty regimen can be frustrating, especially as we enter our 30s when skin truly begins to require attention and maintenance. Not only is the rate of new cell production slowing down, but collagen (which gives skin strength) and elastin (which gives skin elasticity) begin to weaken as well. Because of this, we may notice skin becoming drier and duller along with the onset of a few wrinkles during this decade.

To tackle these issues, we put together a list of essential skin care products and tips to keep your face looking bright and luminescent as you stride into your 40s.

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