23 Hat-Proof Hairstyles to Try This Winter

As the weather turns from crisp to freezing, we can at least take solace in the fact that we get to update our wardrobes. We’ve already picked up our new scarves, coats and even several super stylish hats. But when it comes to the latter, there’s one side effect we’re dreading. Of course, we’re talking about hat hair. Yes, it’s an epidemic this time of year. Which makes sense since so many of us are trying to keep our heads covered from the cold. So we searched for cute hairstyles that’ll hold up to any topper.

But there’s no need to walk around indoors with disheveled strands. From space buns to side braids to rolled updos, there are quite a few cute hairstyles that are hat-friendly. That means they’ll still look great whether your hat is on or off. For extra assurance that your hair won’t be a flop after you remove your cap, part your hair on the opposite side you want to wear it. When you take off your topper, you can just flip your hair back to your preferred part. That way you’ll have volume rather than a case of hat hair.

Below, 23 hat-friendly, cute hairstyles to try this winter.

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