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10 Relaxing Beauty Products for When You Can’t Sleep


One paradox of our time-poor, high-intensity lives is that we never get the recommended amount of sleep. And when we finally put our sleep-deprived heads on our pillows, we toss and turn until the wee hours. What gives? Thoughts of endless to-do lists, looming deadlines and what’s trending on Twitter don’t help matters. We know how important sleep is, which is why we sometimes turn to sleep aids to help us catch those much-needed zzzs. Relaxing teas, meditation and bubble baths can work wonders, but sometimes we need something extra to decompress and drift off to dreamland. But for those of us who can’t sleep and don’t want to resort to medication, there’s an alternative: beauty sleep aids.

Not to be confused with sleeping pills, beauty sleep aids aren’t prescription products. They’re similar to standard bath and body products, but they’re formulated with calming ingredients like lavender and chamomile to help us relax. Some are available in lotions, aromatherapy oils and even pillow sprays, making it easy to incorporate into your evening routine. Read on for some of the best beauty products that will help lull you to sleep in no time.

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