14 Products That Will Detox and Purify Your Skin

“Detox” has become one of the beauty buzzwords of the last few years, much like “efficacy,” “prismatic,” “K-beauty” and “unicorn.” We’ve seen juice detoxes, green smoothie cleanses and even taco detoxes. While you may have the urge to groan at the thought of another detox, one category that is worth paying attention to is detoxifying products for your skin.

Pollution, dirt and oil can turn a healthy complexion into a lackluster and congested one. Add in some stress, fluctuating hormones and late nights and you’ll probably be tempted to ring up your dermatologist for an emergency appointment.

With detoxifying skin care products, you can put the phone down. They help tackle all of the things that can mess up our complexions and give you back that healthy, radiant glow. Best of all, you don’t have to stick with any strict diets with these detox products. Eat whatever you like, just remember to apply your products regularly for optimal results.

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