We Bet You’ve Never Tried French Manis Like These Before

Much like red nail polish, a French manicure is a classic nail look. Nail polish trends come and go, but the French manicure has remained. And while we’re all for the soft pink base with white tips, we also love experimenting with alternative French manicure designs.

When you stop thinking about a French manicure as a pink and white look and start thinking of it as a two-tone nail, you realize how creative you can get with any number of color combinations. You could go bright, understated or monochromatic. You can also bring out some of your glitter and metallic nail polishes. And who says that you have to leave all of your nails the same? You’ve got 10 different digits, so take advantage of them.

Color isn’t your only way to switch up your French manicure designs. Nail art fans can get creative with style. A straight line at the tips is pretty, but why not give diagonal a go? Or you can ignore all of the rules and try a double tip. Give your tried-and-true pink and white French manicure a rest and try one of these fresh options.

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Nail Art Ideas: 21 Updated French Manicure Designs