10 Colored Mascaras That Will Make You Forget About Black

When we think of mascara, we usually think of black, black and more black. There’s a reason why black mascara is available in countless shades. You can find light black, deep black and blackest black. But black is far from your only option. There are many other colors that equally deserve a spot in your makeup bag.

You probably notice the brown and navy shades when you pick up your favorite black mascara, but you can find almost every color of the rainbow. Purple, green and blue are popular options, but you can also get gold and red colored mascaras.

A colored mascara can seem intimidating when you’re used to your tried-and-true black, but colored mascaras are actually more wearable than most bold eyeshadows or liners. What’s more, when you’re wearing a colored mascara, you don’t really need anything else to enhance your eyes. Just a swipe on your lashes is enough to make them pop. Take a look at the colored mascaras you can try besides your beloved black.