Tutorial: 3 Fuss-Free Hairstyles for Dirty or Post-Gym Hair

easy hairstyles for dirty hair

From the moment it appears on our heads, we’re in a lifelong relationship with our hair. As with any coupling, there are days when we need some “me” time. And by “me” time, we mean those extra 10 minutes of shut-eye in between when we hit the snooze button and when we rouse feeling like a sentient being and not the homicidal creature that first silenced our blaring alarm.

On those days, skipping our typical wash, condition, styling routine is absolutely necessary (comfort yourself with the knowledge that most dermatologists and hairstylists — except this guy — recommend intermittent washing so as not to dry out the scalp and strip hair of its natural oils). Whether it’s suggested or shameful, there’s no need for us to broadcast our lazy hair regimen to the world. We’d rather keep those few minutes of beauty rest while sacrificing none of the beauty.

To this end, we’ve created a trifecta of quick and easy hairstyles for dirty, post-gym or greasy hair that’ll yield professional-grade results. The tutorials are straightforward enough for those of us who lack sleight of hand to pull off (although there is some light French braiding). Plus, that second-day (or, let’s be real, third-day) hair texture often holds better than sleek, clean strands.

So, grab that dry shampoo and let’s get started.

Braided Top Knot With Scarf

When you tire of your French knot, recycle that square scarf with this smart, low-maintenance updo that will keep your tousled tresses out of the way as you work, brunch, run errands, live. Scarves disguise greasy hair and unruly ends, making hair look cleaner and thicker, but you’ll also need some bobby pins to keep things in order.

Braided Ponytail

This romantic, half-up look requires a hair tie, bobby pins and a good sense of where your hair parts into thirds. Flirty and feminine, no one will ever guess the true state of your mane — and you won’t feel any third-day wisps against your freshly cleansed face.

Braided Bangs

Any bedhead worth her Tempur-Pedic pillow knows that bangs are the first to blab when we’ve got greasy hair or had a late morning in. Braid them into submission with this sloppy-chic ‘do. Again, bobby pins not included.

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