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You hit snooze one too many times and now you’re frantically attempting to rush out the door — one foot in a heel, a quick gulp of coffee and your significant other imploring you to save the day with your Superwoman abilities. No two ways about it: You are stressed.

That’s life, obviously, but when a day in your life turns into the same thing every single day, you begin to experience the effects in more ways than one. Not only does stress affect your emotional well-being, it also has an impact on your physical appearance. When Parisian beauty brand Clarins conducted a study of women between the ages of 30 and 39, a whopping 53 per cent of participants identified stress as playing a significant role in their skin’s lack of vitality.

Synonymous with beautiful skin, Clarins has inspired legions of followers with its line of innovative, biodiverse products. Elegant treatments for the face and body are formulated with just the right concentration of nourishing plant ingredients. These, combined with top-of-the-line scientific advancements, yield beauty products that redefine high-end skincare for the modern-day woman.

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One of the company’s most lauded collections, Multi-Active, was developed in 1988 as a solution to the active woman’s harried lifestyle. It’s a product line as relevant today as it was then, if not more so. After all, never before have women led such fast-paced lives. The tolls these stressors take on skin are innumerable, often manifesting in fine lines, wrinkles and an exhausted appearance. Not surprisingly, lack of sleep also plays a major role in harming skin’s integrity; in fact, 59 per cent of women between the ages of 30 and 39 accurately guessed that losing sleep affected their skin’s youthfulness the most.

Just as women’s lives have dramatically changed over the decades, so too have women’s skincare routines. Enter the fifth generation of Clarins Multi-Active products. The new range is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, featuring a refreshed formula that accurately targets fibroblasts — the collagen-producing cells that are responsible for your skin’s appearance. When the fibroblast is debilitated, skin appears lackluster and fine lines are more visible.


Clarins Multi-Active Jour

The new Clarins Multi-Active system includes a day-specific cream, Multi-Active Jour, that utilizes myrothamnus, a South African plant additive known for its ability to survive dry conditions and thrive when rehydrated. Multi-Active Jour treats your skin similarly by minimizing the impact of regular, everyday stress and preventing the initial signs of aging. It’s available in formulas for normal to combination skin, dry skin and all skin types.

Clarins Multi-Active Nuit


Enriched with organic California poppy, Multi-Active Nuit is an essential part of a nighttime skincare routine. The poppy regenerates itself overnight, much like your skin does — in an ideal world, that is. Lack of sleep means that your skin’s regeneration process is interrupted, resulting in tired, sallow skin that’s more susceptible to fine lines. The floral component in this rich, soothing cream counters disruptive sleep by boosting the production of collagen. Skin is left smoother and more nourished upon waking. The product is available in normal to dry and normal to combination formulas.

Used harmoniously, the Multi-Active duo combats regular life stressors vigorously and effectively, all while leaving skin comforted and remarkably soft. Of the 106 women between the ages of 30 and 40 who tested the products, 95 per cent said their skin was softer and 97 per cent reported more hydrated skin from the first application*. After four weeks of regular use, 82 per cent enjoyed a brighter complexion and 86 per cent said their skin appeared more toned*.

Your skin doesn’t have to advance at the same rapid pace as your life. With Clarins Multi-Active skincare duo, combatting sleeplessness and stress has never been simpler.

Clarins Multi-Active Jour and Clarins Multi-Active Nuit are available at department stores, pharmacies and

*Satisfaction test, Multi-Active Jour Cream for All skin types, 106 women aged 30-40.


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