The Top 5 Hair Trends from the Spring 2016 Collections

At the Spring 2016 collections, individuality was a recurring theme. With models of varying complexions, features and hair on the scene, the runways often reflected real-world diversity by eschewing a singular notion of beauty. The hair looks were a collaboration between the designers and the hairstylists, celebrating the natural beauty of each girl. Often, it was about enhancing rather than altering hair, and models with different haircuts and textures didn’t have to conform to a specific look. If the runway look called for long, low-slung ponytails but a girl had a freshly shorn buzz or a shaggy layer of curls, the stylists left her hair intact. However the stylists chose to interpret the season’s biggest hair trends, they tended to let the models flaunt their personal style.

Here are five of the most memorable Spring 2016 hair trends from the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Get inspired and adapt them whichever way you please.

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