Hair Stitching Is the Latest Beauty Technique to Come from Paris Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 runway

Image: Imaxtree

Alexander McQueen is one show that’s always over the top, beauty included. To accompany the extraordinary embroidery and embellishment from Sarah Burton’s Spring 2016 collection, hairstylist Guido Palau created intricate updos using hair stitching. Yes, it’s exactly what you think: a needle and thread sewn throughout the hair to create the look. “We’re using Redken Windblown to give the hair some guts, and needle and thread,” he told Allure. “That’s it.”

hair stitching on the runway at Alexander McQueen Spring 2016

image: Imaxtree

“[Designer] Sarah Burton wanted the hair to feel very natural and soft and feminine, but also artisanal, since a lot of the collection is based on artisanal workmanship,” he said. I wanted there to be interest when you looked at the models from the front, not just the back.” Invisible threads were carefully looped through strands, creating a gorgeous, wearable piece of hair art. “You know when you put something through a sewing machine and when you pull it, the thread ruches? That’s the idea we were going for.”

It seems like a pretty cool hair trend, but definitely one that you’ll need an extra set of hands with when replicating at home. 

[via Allure]