6 Beauty Products You Should Never Use Past the Expiration Date

Just like food, your favorite makeup has an expiration date. And it’s important to note when each product will go bad, as you could risk skin irritation and infection. Since all cosmetics have different shelf life ranges, we tapped Achelle Dunaway, global artistic director and chief makeup artist at e.l.f. Cosmetics, for some expiration expertise on when to throw away makeup. “Generally, there is an open jar symbol on components indicating how long an item is good for once it’s been opened,” she says. “To remind yourself of when you’ve opened an item, put the date opened on the bottom of the component with a sticker or written in permanent ink.”

Check out her list of beauty products you should never use past the cosmetic expiration date once opened. Plus, telltale signs an item needs to be tossed stat.

images: Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics