10 Things You Should Know About Whitening Your Teeth

If you’ve ever gone through life with crooked or discoloured teeth, you’ll know how much it sucks to not be able to smile with confidence, or, worse, not smile at all. The good thing is, teeth can be fixed, and quickly too.

We wanted to put teeth whitening to the test for ourselves (and for you, of course), so we tried out Pearl Drops 2 Day White to see how easy, difficult or time consuming the process really is. (Hint: it’s so much better than you think!)

Check out 10 things we learned from the trial below, because this product just gave a whole new meaning to the term “pearly whites”.

1. It’s really simple


There’s literally only two steps to follow, so it doesn’t take a brainiac to figure it out. All you have to do is rinse your mouth with the accelerator mouth wash, apply the whitening gel onto your “smile teeth”, sit back (for about 30 seconds), relax and let the magic take place.

2. Don’t apply when you’re hungry

If you want the best results possible (and trust us, you do because it’s totally worth it), you’re not meant to eat, drink or smoke for at least 20 minutes after application. Think ahead and eat beforehand, because you want your tummy to feel just as good as your new smile will.

3. It’s super quick

If you want to leave work on the Friday and come back Monday with a brand new white smile, it can totally be done with this quick fix product.

4. It’s convenient

If you don’t trust yourself to get it done over two days, that’s OK. Do four treatments daily for two-three days, two treatments daily for six days, one treatment daily for 12 days and so on. It’s designed to suit your schedule, which, in today’s busy day and age, is a dream. Read the instructions leaflet enclosed to pick a schedule that best suits.

5. You can do it at work

If you’re a workaholic, don’t sweat it. The application is so quick and easy, you can just go to the bathroom, paint the gel on and be back to your desk within the minute. It’s no longer than the average bathroom visit now, is it?

6. Had dental work? Don’t count on results

The Pearl Drops 2 Day White can only whiten natural teeth and doesn’t whiten crowns, caps, fillings and veneers. That being said, it will not harm your dental work, so we’d still recommend trying the product regardless.

7. Plan your dentist visits accordingly

The company states that you should not apply the product within two weeks of a dentist appointment, whether it’s before or after treatment. To be honest, you’ll probably just cancel your dentist appointment after seeing the results from this product anyway!

8. Know your gums

If you have sensitive teeth or infected gums, it’s best to consult a doctor or dentist before using the product. If you have gum disease, steer completely clear.

9. It tastes good

OK, so it’s no ice-cream sundae but it’s not going to be mean to your tastebuds like you’d expect. The mouth rinse and gel are both minty fresh so it tastes just like brushing your teeth.

10. It actually works  


The most important thing is results, and with Pearl Drops 2 Day White you definitely get them. Teeth look not only whiter (we’re estimating about 2-3 shades), but feel healthier and stronger too. 

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