Tried and Tested: How Well Do Gel Nail Polish Top Coats Really Work?

We can all relate to having a love-hate relationship with gel manicures. We can’t get enough of the super shiny texture that lasts for weeks without a chip in sight. Yet while the polish doesn’t move, the nail itself experiences a wear and tear that is evident after removal. And boy is that removal a hassle. We’ve given up on gel manis just for the pure reason that we despise removing the polish at home and at the salon. It’s never done safely.

But now there’s a slew of new at-home polishes that give you the same shine and longevity (about a week of wear opposed to the salon’s two weeks) and without the damage. There’s no UV light required and you can remove with your standard polish remover. No exaggeration here. To prove it, we’ve tested seven of the best gel nail polish top coats on the market. Check out our results!