Gorgeous Hair and Makeup Ideas for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses can be tough, but it doesn’t always have to be. Especially when it comes to your hair and makeup. While we’re sure you have no problem styling your hair (as many styles work with or without glasses), there are a few things to keep in mind when applying makeup. One of the most important being how you apply concealer since your specs will likely cast a shadow under your eyes, thus leaving you with the dreaded dark circles. Just be sure to apply lightly as too much will appear cakey once magnified under your lenses.

Another thing to pay close attention to are brows, brows, brows. Since your eyebrows frame your glasses, you want to make sure they’re doing just that. Your lashes are equally important. Curl them, so they’re not hitting your lenses with each blink and apply mascara at the root as opposed to the tip to avoid streaking the glass. Having fun with eyeshadow is always an option, but if bold brows and volume-filled lashes are more your thing, now’s the time to bring out a striking lip color.

Above, we’ve gathered looks straight off the runway to inspire you to try a new hairstyle or makeup look that will complement your glasses more than you know. Take a look and try not to test them all at once.

Images: Imaxtree