#NoFilterNeeded: Light Refracting Makeup That Works Just Like a Photo Filter

With the advent of Instagram and retouching apps, it’s hard to look like your selfie of the day in real life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could walk around with different types of filters or lights to flatter our complexions? Using photoluminescent technology — the same type of technology that is used in certain camera filters — beauty brands have solved our problems by creating a whole new category of cosmetics that are guaranteed to make us look picture perfect in the everyday world. These photo op-ready products use illuminating, diffusing technology to mimic flattering filters like Valencia, Rise or Nashville. They refract light at different angles, smoothing imperfections while still keeping skin uniform and vibrant for close-up perfection. Basically, the same effect we get from our favorite Instagram filter.

So, go ahead and up your selfie game with our blur-perfecting picks. We guarantee you’ll honestly be able to mark it #NoFilter.