12 Best Liquid Eyeliners for a Flawless Flick

Liquid eyeliner is our absolute favorite when it comes to creating high-defining eye makeup looks. From a timeless feline flick to a graphic effect, fluid formulas work to achieve the best results. Liquid also tends to last a lot longer than other types of liner and have more pigment, but making the switch to the fluid can be intimidating. Trust us, the eye-emphasizing liner is a beauty bag staple and practice makes perfect. But how to choose the right formula?

If you’re a first-timer, a pen-like version with a felt tip is the easiest way to get started. This is because the ink stays in that tip, so that dripping messiness is avoided. A pen is also easy to use since there is no well to dip it into or brush strokes to keep steady. Because the felt tip is generally straightforward, however, creating a thin line favors a brush tip, which we would say takes a steady hand and intermediate to advanced skills. Either way, these long-lasting formulas will generally withstand the hottest of summer days without flaking off or smudging into raccoon eye territory, and choosing a liquid liner is half the battle.

Whether you’re a total newbie or an eyeliner aficionado, there are many options to get the look you want. Here, 12 of the best liquid eyeliners to define eyes, create the perfect cat eye or for when you just want a pop of color.

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12 Best Liquid Eyeliners for a Flawless Flick